Saturday, 5 October 2019

Dear Mother-to-be ... a poem by a third year midwifery student

 Kerryanne Neal is a senior third year Bachelor of Midwifery student at Griffith University who has just completed a six month placement with a midwifery group practice.  She wrote this poem as her creative reflection of her development as a midwife. My skin tingled when I read it. I thought others would be moved by this insight into a new midwife's thinking about our role with childbearing women. Kerryanne was surprised when I suggested she publish it. She wasn't sure others would be interested. I made some suggestions of where she could publish and she chose to publish it on this blog. Kerryanne will graduate at the end of this year.

Kerryanne wrote: 

This poem reflects my ideal view of the partnership between woman and midwife.  It is my creative interpretation of the way midwives walk beside women, gently forming a bond antenatally to allow open discussion, guiding and supporting a natural birth, and encouraging confidence in parenthood postnatally.

Dear Mother-to-be...
Through the pathway of life, two become three,
A new branch evolves on the family tree.

Wonder! Joy! Excitement!

Your path as old as time, is entwined with another,

A journey new, yet shared, to help you become a mother.

Footsteps walking side by side.

Ideas and wishes, fears shared from the heart,

To encourage your path and give a head start.

Discussed over tea, minds open and true.

With the start of gentle rhythms, a new dawn is near,

Kicking tempo of birth, one helps you to steer.

Elation! Thrill! Anticipation!

Whispered positions, guiding hands on which are safe to lean,

Discard your fears and reservations, let earth-side song gleam.

Fluid movements in trance-like state.

Hastening beat, the intensity rises,

Prepare for a life full of awe and surprises.

A new soul to cherish.

Three growing together, new found soil shared,

Overwhelming emotions of love and joy bared.

Adoration! Bliss! Fascination!

Thoughtful partnership, sprinkling waters of wisdom,

To assist in your growth, encourage confidence without criticism.

The flowers of family beginning to bloom.

Now a strong tree, it’s time to let go,

You have to have faith in all that you know.

I am always here to support your new life,

Yours, until next time,

Sincerely, The Midwife.

As a new poet and new midwife, Kerryanne has an enormous amount to offer the women and families she is yet to meet and our profession as a whole. Congratulations Kerryanne and welcome to the brilliant world of midwifery as a registered midwife. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your creativity.