Saturday, 12 November 2022

The Birth Project - Our ABC

 Our ABC is investigating giving birth in Australia!

Despite Australia having one of the lowest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world, too many women are emerging from the birth system feeling hurt and damaged. Induction and caesarean section rates are soaring but there is no change in key indicators such as stillbirth. Meanwhile, physiological birth and breastfeeding rates plummet. 

Please share this request for birth stories with all your friends and neighbours!


Here is more information and the links:

Use this form to send the ABC your story about birth.

They want to hear about your experiences of pregnancy and birth – and from those of you who provide maternity care.

What's working? What's not? And what can we do better?

Looking forward to ABC being provided with many stories explaining what happened, what worked for you and what didn't work for you.  
Would love to read your thoughts.