Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Homebirth Rally at Parliament House Monday September 7th 1130am

Put this date in your diary and come with us! This is a critically important rally. The changes in Medicare rebates and the fine print is pointing to the demise of private midwifery and women's choices for birthing at home. For everyone who cares about women's rights to birth where they want and with whom they want, this rally is a must attend. We must show the politicians and the people of Australia that women matter, birth matters and choice is imperative.

The following message is from Justine Caines, an awesome woman and mother who has campaigned tirelessly for women's choices in birth.


Homebirth Australia is hosting a MAJOR rally in Canberra (outside Parliament House) on Monday September 7 from 11.30am.

There has been much discussion about the potential outlawing of homebirth and the continued lack of equity for women choosing homebirth.

We need this to be BIG. When I met with the federal department of Health they commented on the huge number of submissions (900 of which over half came from homebirth consumers). Sadly I said if you outlaw homebirth I will lead 9000 angry women and babies to Canberra!

Now 9000 may be a tall order but we need thousands.

For all the women and midwives that have contacted and said this issue matters please put it in your diary.

There is lots to organise and we look forward to many providing ideas and support.

The states close to Canberra will be called on to provide as many as possible to attend.

It would be great to have at least a few from every state and territory.

Please forward this meeting far and wide.

Details will soon be on the HBA website.

For any other info please email

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