Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Mother of All Rallies 7th September 2009

The rally for women's rights to choose the place of birth and caregiver was wonderful. I travelled with other women, men and children in a two bus convoy from the Central Coast. It was a great trip. Thanks to Monica and Julie, two UTS BMidwifery student midwives for organising the buses.  People came from Newcastle and Central Coast to travel on the buses.

I spoke to Natalie Forbes Dash and Amy Bell who told me that 70-80 families travelled down on the day from the Blue Mountains.

Depending upon which report you read, there were between 2000 - 4000 people there. I couldn't get near the centre of the crowd there were so many people and I didn't hear the speeches because of the depth of the crowd. So there were vast numbers present. The atmosphere was unlike anything I have ever been to before. Everyone, including the children and parents were all relaxed, upbeat and happy. The sky was overcast, it rained intermittently and no one's spirits were dampened.

Great to see so many people who travelled from interstate and vast distances. I caught up with so many people I've known and admired over the years.

When you click on the link above, you will be taken to the Riot Act site which has a good run down on the rally, including Rachel Stewart's speech.

It was a great day and a powerful testimony to people's deep desire for autonomy and self determination.  Keep up the letter writing everyone.  Rachel Stewart was fabulous from all accounts. Andrew Laming is onside and there are bound to be many more thinking politicians.

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aussiemidwife said...

You are right - the atmosphere was incredible. Stay tuned - I videoed about 2/3 of the speakers at the rally. I will post them to YouTube and my Blog soon
Jane Palmer