Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Outcomes for Caseload Midwifery at St Mary's UK

 This poster was presented at the June 2009 Normal Birth conference in the UK. The poster reports on a prospective cohort study on all live births at St Mary's Hospital in the Imperial College Healthcare Trust NHS. The study evaluated the caseload model in that health service.

Women who had caseload, or one to one relationship based midwifery care were found to have fewer interventions in labour and birth. These women were found to have a higher rate of births at home, higher rate of normal births, a reduced rate of both analgesia and epidural anaesthesia, higher breastfeeding rates and more normal births.  The rates of caesarean section and babies admitted to the nursery were the same for both groups of women.

caseload09.jpg (image)

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