Friday, 18 December 2009

Mom fights, gets the delivery she wants -

"(CNN) -- Seven months into her pregnancy with her fourth child, Joy Szabo's obstetrician gave her some news she didn't want to hear: Because she'd had a previous Caesarean section, the hospital where she planned to deliver was insisting she have another one.
Szabo wanted a vaginal delivery, and argued with hospital executives, but they stood firm: They refused to do vaginal births after Caesareans (VBACs) because they have a slightly higher risk for complications.
After they lost that fight, Szabo and her husband, Jeff, made an unusual decision. About three weeks before her due date, Szabo moved nearly six hours away from their home in Page, Arizona, to Phoenix to give birth at a hospital that does permit women to have VBACs".

Isn't this a lovely photo?  Joy Szabo and her baby Marcus after a normal birth on 5th December. 

The hospital executives made the claim that VBAC's have slightly higher risks for complications? Compared to what? Normal births? Repeat caesareans? Don't they understand that it is the way that women are treated during childbearing that leads to either lower or higher risks of complications????

Mom fights, gets the delivery she wants -

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