Saturday, 12 December 2009

Study shows how gene action may lead to diabetes prevention, cure

Exciting developments in the field!

"A gene commonly studied by cancer researchers has been linked to the metabolic inflammation that leads to diabetes.

Understanding how the gene works means scientists may be closer to finding ways to prevent or cure , according to a study by Texas AgriLife Research appearing in the .
"Because we understand the mechanism, or how the gene works, we believe a focus on nutrition will find the way to both prevent and reverse diabetes," said Dr. Chaodong Wu, AgriLife Research nutrition and food scientist who authored the paper with the University of Minnesota's Dr. Yuqing Hou.
Wu said the research team will collaborate with nutritionists to identify what changes or supplements in a diet will activate the gene to prevent or stop the progression of diabetes".
Nutrition folks! Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.


Manage your stressors! Turn on the parasympathetic nervous system pathways, keep your nervous system happily calibrating back to a calm, relaxed state and ensure the disease carrying genes are kept switched off; while switching on and keeping on the genes that keep us well.

The role of inflammatory processes in much of what ails us, including premature labour, pre-eclampsia and diabetes - scourges for childbearing women and their babies, is becoming more and more widely recognised.

Inflammatory processes are switched on by numerous environmental factors such as chronic stress (aka cortisols etc), poor nutrition, toxins, lack of exercise and stasis of lymph fluid; feelings generated by social isolation and not feeling/being valued or loved and/or being in a hostile environment to name a few 'biggies'.

Exercise, relaxation, good nutrition, being surrounded by loving people and the ability to talk about what is important to you and bothers you, while being listened to and respected are all environmentally controllable elements which contribute to optimal psychophysiological functioning.

No wonder one to one midwifey care is associated with better heath outcomes for women and babies.

Study shows how gene action may lead to diabetes prevention, cure

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