Sunday, 3 January 2010

Australia's maternity system like 'herding yards'

Mother Care: It's like herding yards

January 2, 2010

"Chronic shortages in Australia's maternity system have left mothers feeling like cattle being pushed through herding yards that put both their own and their babies' lives at risk.

A survey of 2792 mothers by Fairfax Media found that about half of those who had given birth in the past five years believed the maternity system was not coping well enough with soaring demand".


''There should be more continuity of care. Knowing your carer and trusting your carer removes the fear from childbirth and fear leads to more interventions.''
''There is a severe shortage of birth centre places available and in many areas it is not even an option.''

''There are so many time limits imposed on women which completely disregard the natural progression of labour in women's bodies. Doctors are too quick to intervene, too impatient to wait and allow the body to do its job.''

Chronic shortages in Australia's maternity system

A child is born

One to one midwifery care puts the woman at the centre of care and ensures that she feels valued, listened to and cared about. Nicola Roxon needs to listen to what women want and ensure that private midwifery is a viable option for those women who want individualised maternity care. The move to publically funded midwifery models of care is a welcome move, however, those models are unable to provide what a private midwife can provide and all models are needed to meet the individual needs of Australian women.

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