Monday, 11 January 2010

peaceful parenting: Breastfeeding Baby Jesus

This video shows religious art - images of Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus. What the images reveal is the societal attitude towards breastfeeding at the time the art work was created.

Note the hand positions of Mary and the age of the various representations of baby Jesus. 

A wonderful compilation from Danelle Frisbie at Peaceful Parenting. Danelle has a wonderful blog.

peaceful parenting: Breastfeeding Baby Jesus

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Mary said...

Lovely. I would also note that Mary's clothing is rarely unfastened from the top down. So many new mothers think you must be half undressed to feed the baby. I have seen some of these before, but never such a long compilation, which was beautifully done.
Many people don't realize that La Leche League's founders chose their name because at that time, a 16th century statue had been discovered in Florida of Mary breastfeeding, entitled "Nuestra Senora de la Leche y de la Buen Partidad" (Our Lady of the Plentiful Milk and Easy Delivery, freely translated).