Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sweet! -- sugar plays key role in cell division

Scientists seeking to understand the complex interactions involving hundreds of proteins that enables a human cell to split into two, have found a layer of regulation, that up until now has been invisible, although they were aware in 2005 that sugar helped to control cell division.

A sugar-based signaling pathway has been found that works independently and seems to be the trigger for the phosphorylation signaling system, which has always been thought to be 'the' pathway that underpinned human cell division processes

Sweet! -- sugar plays key role in cell division

The discovery of the sweet switch is considered to be "paradigm-shifting in terms of signaling. Signaling is how a cell perceives its environment, and how it regulates its machinery in response to stimuli. The new sugar switches reveal that the cellular circuitry is much more complex than previously thought".

Ah yes, our biology, physiology and entire being is fascinating! Layers upon layers of interaction are being discovered - we are not a 'done deal' by any means.

To the scientists:
"Because these previously unrecognized sugar switches are so abundant and potential targets of manipulation by drugs, the discovery of their role has implications for new treatments for a number of diseases, including cancer".
However, what about the role of something incredibly simple, like good low GI (glucose index) nutrition to prevent the signaling switch being corrupted in the first place?

Low GI foods

 This information is vitally important for couples wanting to have a baby. Nutrition in one of the key environmental contributors to a healthy pregnancy that couples can take control of before they get pregnant. We know how vitally important optimal sugar control is to a healthy baby's anatomy and development.

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