Friday, 19 February 2010

YouTube - Our bodies rally.wmv

On the 18th February, 2010 in 14 locations across Australia, 1000's of people rallied to register their protest at the Rudd Government policies that threaten to restrict options for women.

Jane Palmer's wonderful video montage of the rallies for women's right to choose what happens to their bodies in childbirth

And some media on the 'issue'

The Sunrise piece that seems to have stirred up the Government

a TV piece from Chan 7 yesterday;

Nicola Roxon's response to collaboration agreements.

Roxon says: "I'm unapologetically on the record as saying let's encourage people across the health services spectrum to work together and make sure that women can safely choose options that are good for them and suit them.." 

That's great in theory and obviously something that sounds very reasonable. 

The question then has to be asked: So why not restrict doctors work unless they collaborate - they are the ones who make things difficult! 

In reality, Roxon's 'encouragement' is only fueling the power imbalances and women are caught in the 'rip'.




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