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Birth Control Drugs: Female Sexual Castration?

When I opened my inbox this morning, I found an email from Gail J. Dahl discussing birth control drugs and the way they act to sexually castrate women. This information is food for thought and something every woman should think about when she is considering her fertility and contraception. I decided when I was very young and the 'pill' was new that I was not interested in taking it. Other methods such as I used to manage my fertility are outlined at the end of Gail's explanation. I also chose to embrace the 'croning' and changes that come with menopause as the idea of HRT does not and did not appeal to me.  Reading Gail's words have made me glad that I did listen to my inner self on this one! 
Gail J. Dahl is a childbirth researcher, award winning and national bestselling author. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Childbirth Association. Dahl has received many awards, including  "The YWCA Woman of Distinction Award", "The Woman of Vision Award" and "The Great Women of the 21st Century Award" for her contributions toward women's health and education.  
Her websites are:
 Here is Gail's email to me, reproduced with her permission.

Secrets - Female Sexual Castration - Birth Control Drugs
Shortly after our last e-newsletter on the health dangers of the newest birth control pills, I had the opportunity to speak at length with Jody McLaughlin, who has now logged in over thirty years in the birth industry. It was wonderful to hear of her observations of women over the past thirty years. In our conversation, Judy called the birth control pill, "female castration", and she said it was causing a generation of our young women to be dumbed down intellectually, emotionally and sexually. I agree, this is exactly what is happening to our young women.

Since we began taking the birth control pill, we no longer have young women protesting or advocating for change. University rallies rarely last for more than a few hours. Colleges and universities know that they can easily double tuition fees and have little backlash to deal with. Wars, started and never ended because women have lost their ability to speak up, or so few are willing to. Chemical castration causes one to lose their drive and ambition in life, something that has been known for centuries. 

The pill did not provide women with freedom, instead it has muffled us and stripped us of our female sexuality and sensuality. Stealing the best out of us, our drive and ambition. I believe the pill has become a prison for the modern young woman. All doors out of this chemical prison are locked or just lead more deeply within, each room providing different formats of the same female castrating drugs.

Some our young men are complaining that today's young women have nothing to say past gossip, display little ambition, they are difficult to arouse and quite frankly, boring in bed. That is how a young woman would behave after her sex drive was chemically removed. And because the pill takes away our keen sense of scent, women are choosing the wrong partners when they are on birth control and realize this too late, once they stop the pill and their ability to smell increases. The young women then complain that now their guy smells different. Liking the scent of your partner, sweaty or clean, is what draws us sexually to our partners.  Young women are also losing their drive and ambition just at the moment that they need everything at their command to complete their higher education and begin their new career.

Taking the pill at a too young age, before the age of 25, can leave a legacy of infertility in later years. Undiscovered sexually transmitted diseases along with too early and long term use of chemical birth control is the foundation of the tremendous rise in infertility we are seeing in our North American society today. Young women taking some of the new birth control dugs are finding their period goes away and either doesn't come back for years or perhaps not at all, stealing their fertility and their future. 

Additional physical complaints from chemical birth control include depression, mood swings, frequent headaches, bloating, lack of energy, weight gain, lung clots, pancreatitis, risk of heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder complications and other life-threatening health problems. Don't believe that today's birth control pills are "safer" than they were when we were growing up, they are much, much more dangerous today. Does a bright young woman you know exhibit feelings of hopeless, lack of energy, depression, lack of desire to get ahead, cloudy thinking and mood swings? Is she mostly "down" instead of "up"? These are the young women also at risk for numerous addictions used in order to attempt to chemically feel better. 

Looking back I can see that I started the pill at a too young age. At that time you were on the pill whether you were actually having sex or not. If there was any sexual activity it was certainly sporadic and rarely occurred more than a few times a year. I was continually going on and off the pill and having my prescription changed to another drug due to the multitude of side effects I was experiencing. I finally gave up using all chemical birth control and began to study my personal fertility cycle and and use barrier methods during fertility only. This difference in my ability to move forward in my career and my ability to get things done increased tremendously after I stopped taking the pill. Depression lifted and life just began to look differently allowing me to take great strides forward in my life. 

Still chemical birth control free and have been since the birth of my daughter. Now, I can see what was happening to me in my twenties and why. I much prefer my sexuality intact and will not be doing anything to stop my cycles. I am happy to have my cycle to the very, very, last, last day. I recently spoke with a sexual health expert and now I understand the importance of my cycles for maintaining my optimum health as a woman. This expert had forecast long before the tremendous damage that could occur when a woman's cycle is stopped or altered chemically. 

Our daughters should not be graduating school without completing a program in Science or Health on tracking her own personal fertility cycle. The recent book, "Cycle Savvy" and "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler are excellent guides for young women for understanding their own personal body cycle and fertility pattern. Every young woman of the age of fourteen was given this book as a gift in Chicago a few years ago, what a wonderful gift to receive, free control of your fertility for the balance of their life. 

Whether you are in the public or private school system, take a moment today or tomorrow and ask your school district if they will add a Fertility Planning module to the Sexual Health programing in your area. This only takes a short email to the Superintendent of your local school system. Ask them to add Fertility Awareness Programming to their Grade 9 Science or Health Classes.  Sometimes a suggestion is all that is needed to get the ball rolling. Pick up the telephone or click on the internet and send a quick email to the leader of the school system for your city. Our young women will not have any alternatives unless we teach them. This just takes a few minutes and could have tremendously positive results for the young women in your city or town, wherever you are.  I just wrote in myself to the head of our school system in my city. It took approximately 4 minutes to locate the top boss, write a one paragraph letter and attach the following recent article and email it. If ten women happened to write in at the same time, with the same suggestion, I would imagine the school system would need to pay attention. 

The pharmaceutical companies and the physicians are not presenting birth control with the correct statistics and side effects. The statistics for birth control are skewed, only showing the stats from using the product correctly which they state, most don't. The chemicals are providing no more than a 50/50 proposition of working, the side effects are not clearly noted. No mention is made of the sexual castration leading to a woman's suppressed sexual desire, decreased drive, decreased ambition, decreased mood and energy, increased weight gain, along with the real and serious life threatening possibilities of physical damage to her body. 

I understand that mom's have enough to worry about today with young daughters, but it is really worth it to take away your daughter's drive, ambition and ability to choose a partner at the most critical time of her life, for the sake of "peace of mind"?

Many thanks to everyone who sends in their comments and thanks also to those who let me know they passed this important article along to a daughter, granddaughter, friend, family member or physician. We need to think of better alternatives to pass on to our daughters to ensure the generational line continues in our own families and that our daughter's are in optimal health.  Best wishes, Gail J. Dahl

Your Fertility Awareness and Charting References:

"Cycle Savvy" by Toni Weschler:

"Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler :

"The Garden of Fertility" by Katie Singer :

"Justisse Fertility Awareness for Women":

Free Online Guidebook at:  "Justisse Fertility Awareness"

Each one of these authors has created an excellent website to go along with their books and all have great free information. It only takes a few hours to learn how to work the fertility system and a few minutes daily to track your own personal fertility pattern. Some women track their ovulation and use it to schedule important business meetings and projects. 

Ovulation is a high energy and highly creative time for all women. An excellent time to write a song, paint and do some innovative thinking about life. Tracking the ebb and flow of your body's cycle can also assist you in monitoring your personal health throughout your years of fertility.  A free and drug-free way to have full control of your fertility throughout your life. Best, G

Need More Convincing on the Castration Part?
The birth control drugs being sold to your daughters, relatives and female friends is the same drug used for male sexual castration. This drug creates the same personal devastating effects such as of loss of sexual desire, loss of drive and ambition, deep depression, excessive weight gain, emotional turmoil, sexual confusion, isolating behavior and other serious mental, emotional and physical side effects. These drugs are usually reserved for sexual deviants and transexuals.  I was unaware of the depth of damage chemical birth control can do to women. I had an idea from watching what the drugs did to my own body, I am amazed now at how the effects are so all encompassing with the potential for devastating results. The type of drug used for male chemical castration is the foundation for the new types of birth control sold under the names of Yaz, Yazmin and the birth control shot Depo-Provera, any chemical that attempts to stop, re-program or delay a woman's cycle. All chemical birth control has the potential to have the same castrating effect on a woman as it does on men


Anonymous said...

This is exactly the reason why the only birth control I actively advise women use are copper IUDs, they aren't for everyone but they do not contain any hormones and allow women to cycle normally, so they can maintain who they are while being 99% protected against pregnancy.

Carolyn Hastie said...

That's an interesting choice. What do you think of diaphragms?