Sunday, 29 August 2010

Focus, attention and brain connections: What's the implication for birthing women?

In this powerful and informative video, Dr. Fred Travis, Director, Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition in Fairfield, Iowa, explains how repeated mental and physical activity builds and develops brain connections. 

What are the implications for birthing women? 

Every time you watch, imagine or identify with a particular way of giving birth, you are reinforcing and building brain connections about that experience.  This video demonstrates clearly how to build the brain patterns that are most beneficial and in line with what you really want. Patterns of neuronal firing have physical, emotional and mental consequences.

Our brain builds new connections when we are in a learning, curious, open state and reinforces commonly used connections constantly.  The other fascinating aspect of human reality is that we screen out anything that doesn't match our 'patterns' of perception. The following video demonstrates the way our brain is very selective about what it lets into our conscious awareness. 

Take note of how many times the people in white shirts pass the ball to each other.

Then read this account of the experiment. 

The big question is how do we use this information to improve our lives and make birth and parenting more what we want it to be?

First, decide what you want - get a clear idea of that.  Then, keep focusing on that which you want. Hang out with those who support what you want. Avoid those who wish to bring them down, or at least, understand they are coming from a fear based perspective, and as you saw in Dr Fred's video, that violent and unhelpful emotional energy causes holes in people's brain function as well as their thinking. 

You can train your brain!  Pianists, Olympians, typists - anyone who has ever mastered anything demonstrates that clearly.  We are truly amazing - neuroscience is demonstrating how capable we really are!

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