Sunday, 10 October 2010

"Waking up is hard to do"

Following my blog post about the importance of sleep, a friend of mine, Maxine, posted a link to a blog post on Not Totally Rad, a blog that gives insight into medical imaging. Maxine said that

"Probably only the medical types with as equally sick sense of humour as I will find this funny, but what the heck... "

Well, of course I had to look at the link and I'm so glad I did. I'm still chuckling and thought you may find it delightful as I did and do! 

Born at a Christmas party in 1990, they are a group of practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists who call themselves the Laryngospasms. The larynx is the voice box and a laryngospasm is a spasm of the larynx that is a complication of anaesthesia. The group create and perform medical parodies for audiences throughout the United States.

More music by the Laryngospasms found here

I needed this laugh!  What about you, do you think this is funny or sick?  Is it only those of us who are socialised into hospital culture who find this humour funny?  I'm really interested in what you think.  I know that we can always talk comfortably about the most amazing, body oriented subjects at mealtimes, which other members of the family and non-health related friends think is really 'off'.


Mary Matthews said...

Well, Carolyn, you know I found it funny & I'm not medical. Having said that, I dearly love to laugh and I think I can appreciate all sorts of humour!

lisa said...

Oh Carolyn, this made me belly laugh. And while I understand what happens in hospitals I wouldn't say I was truly socialised. I imagine the work is often very stressful, so if someone can make light of it in their spare time and help others to laugh it is fine by me.

Linda Pitt said...

This made me lol!! I work in the health care feild but I also have Crohns Disease and have had plenty of interaction with colorectal surgeons (God bless them, they saved my life)and still find this so amusing!!