Friday, 4 February 2011

The Secret to Blogging?

I called this blog 'ThinkBirth' because as a midwife, I've thought a lot about birth, women's experiences, babies experiences, men's experiences, midwife and doctor relationships, pregnancy, breastfeeding ... you get the idea

and of course, I can make anything relate to childbearing - nutrition, exercise, brain development, epigenetics etc and of course all these topics do, in one way or another. 

That reality is probably one of the challenges that comes with having a deeply developed holistic viewpoint :-) everything seems relevant. 

There are some fabulous midwifery and birth related blogs out there. Midwife Thinking for example is a well written, incredibly practical, well researched blog.  Some are very scientific and challenge the status quo like Science and Sensibility and some, like Midwife Mutiny have lots of lovely birth stories and share controversial ideas about midwifery.

There are a zillion others. What makes people want to read a blog? What inspires people to comment, to engage in conversation about the subject of the posting?

To find out, I've been paying attention as I read different sites and explore various subject areas. I've been observing what attracts me

(and lots of things do, surprise, surprise!)

There are lots of experts giving advice on what makes a great blog. The most consistent suggestion seems to be to focus on your niche when you write.

Find the area that fascinates you, the area you know most about and blog about that.

That advice gave me a bit of a jolt. I tend to be wide ranging in what I put on this blog. Because I'm a curious person, I find lots of things that interest me. I also love sharing information and ideas, so anything that 'grabs' me, I think you may be interested in too.

But perhaps my approach is wrong. Maybe you would really enjoy or prefer a niche blog. 

What would you like? Stories? ideas? guest bloggers? a focus on a particular area to do with childbearing (the skies the limit there!) for example, preconceptual matters, prenatal matters?

Midwifery students?


Take a minute and drop me a note. Let me know what you think/want.  I'd love your feedback. I look forward to your comments.



Carolyn Hastie said...

I've been told the word verification function is not working. This comment is a test comment only.

Carolyn Hastie said...

Pauline wrote: "couldnt leave this comment on the blog...word verification was not working: Hi Carolyn, I always enjoy reading your blogs, I have also heard that it is best to find your niche and write about it...but I think it is more than that...I look for several things in a blog... information, topic and the personal touch about the person....the bottom line is why do you blog? and what sort of response do you want? I went through a stage trying to increase the people to my blog and to comment... then I decided I write my blog for myself and anyone who is interested in reading it... if they leave a comment all well and good... but at the end of the day it is my way of expressing my life and trying to inform/share my knowledge and life experiences:"

Tiff said...

Tiffany wrote: "Hi Carolyn, comments not working for me either. Here is what I wrote though: I've been blogging for almost four years and mine is just a personal blog. It has no niche. I guess if I were to categorize myself I'd be a mummy blogger. I tend to gravitate to other blogs that are like mine, or who have something that I can relate to. Personally, I would love to hear some stories about birth and your life as a midwife. I've had the great honour of hearing some of them personally and I know that you have many to share. Readers can learn alot about you, the author and about birth and the experiences of birth through your amazing story telling ability."

Carolyn Hastie said...

Thanks Pauline and Tiff, grateful for your comments and very touched by your sweet words Tiff - I've been thinking about story telling. Your blog is beautiful by the way, I love your gift for photography coupled with your intense and deep insights as a mother, love to both of you xx

Now can anyone tell me why I can post and others can't? I posted your comment as you Tiff.

I don't know what the problem with the system is, I don't get it... do any of you?

Joy Johnston said...

Carolyn I enjoy the freedom of blogging, that the writer is free to present any topic, and explore it deeply or in whatever way you choose. I would love to see more blogs by midwives. I think we have a privileged position, constantly learning how to work in harmony with a marvellous natural process. This gives a limitless number of possibilities of topics to blog about.

Chris Wrightson said...

Hi Carolyn,
I'd be interested to hear about how midwifery is taught now, or how things have changed?
Also, I don't know if you want to blog about it, but I would be interested to hear about how the recent changes have impacted on midwives' practice, and for the women.
Just a couple of thoughts..

Julieanne Hensby said...

Hi Carolyn
Have just read your Feb 4 post about blogging. I have been thinking along similar lines about my blog.

I'm like you in wanting to comment about 'everything' related to lactation but it's endless!

I read your posts regardless of what they're about because: I like your style of writing and they're always interesting.

Other bloggers know how good it feels when someone takes the time to comment. After no comments for a long period, I received 2 for my last post - it was personal & included a poem I wrote - go figure!

You have inspired me to take action - not quite sure what that will be yet, but it's good to know others are having similar dilemmas.
Warmly, Julieanne

Melinda said...

Hi Carolyn,
I love your blog just the way it is and that's because you are passionate and interested in so many different arenas around childbirth. Your blog does have a particular 'feel' to it and reflects well your passion, commitment and wonder for childbirth. So ... Don't change a thing!!