Sunday, 6 May 2012

Midwifery Care: What's in it for Women?

What is midwifery care?

The debut video for I am a Midwife, a new online series about midwives and what they do, explores just that! Eight different "real life" midwives describe the safe, satisfying and supportive care midwives in all settings provide women and their families!

From the Midwives Alliance of North America:


Alice said...

Carolyn- thank you so much for spotlighting the I Am A Midwife video debut! We are so grateful, and excited for this wonderful series!

Alice, Online Community Manager, MANA

Carolyn Hastie said...

My pleasure Alice! The campaign to inform the community about midwifery is an excellent one. Women can only make informed choices when they have the information they need to be able to do so. I look forward to the next video in your series. I can understand why you are excited. This video is brilliant and tells it like it is.